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At Alter TechSoft Pvt. Ltd. We solve problems of clients by giving them Industrial IoT solutions. Our Industrial IoT dashboards help our clients to remotely monitor machine(s) from any location. Clients are able to view multiple tags like Temperature, Pressure, Energy consumption, Production Downtime, Primitive Maintenance of Machines and much more. Our Industrial IoT solution has helped our clients to improved efficiency in every section of the company.

Now our clients can view and analyze the data in real-time. It is very easy for our clients to make operational decisions on the bases of Reports generated by our Industrial IoT solution. Clients can monitor live production which can lead to utilization of resources efficiently. Tags like Primitive maintenance help our customers to know machine maintenance in advance.​

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Industrial IoT Services

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Industrial IoT Features

 Automated Alert System : Give immediate attention with the help of automated alerts in the form email, SMS and mobile app notification. If the system malfunctions, take appropriate actions on time to overcome unexpected loss for the company.
 Device Monitoring : Monitor your devices from remote location with the help of Cloud software and make sure every aspect of the company is maintained as per mentioned standards of the organization. Use mobile application for better visibility and to stay connected for 24 hrs.
 Data Analytics : Ensure your success with the help of live Data Analytics. Increase your efficiency and take better decisions with the help of auto generated reports. Improve the scope of quality and make sure your customers consecutively get the desired service and product.
 Data Security : Data security is on top priority for every enterprise dealing with sensitive information. Our solution provides end to end security with 256 bit SSL.


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