Warehouse Management Made Simple
Introducing ATSPL WMS
Achieve Easier and more efficient warehouse handling with its intuitive interface, simplified workflows, and equipped with mobile access.
Handle The Full Range of Solutions – VCs, ASRS, or AGV
The ATSPL WMS is configured to be flexible to your needs – whether you need full AS/RS or Automation of your warehouse, or just a simple space saving vertical carousel, or perhaps just a need for an AGV to move heavy goods from point A to point B
Manage the movement your inventory safely yet rapidly from and to storage
Manage your Automated Guided Vehicle with ease from your screen
Manage your space, be it ASRS or a simple vertical carousel / horizontal carousel
Centralised software controls that are rolebased access-controlled
Manage the full range of tasks, ranging from picking / sorting, storing
Ensure easy control of racks, bins, stackers / cranes, or vehicles as per your need
Hassle free warehousing operations – pickup, placement, storage, or monitoring
Fully secure with the modern security
Robust inventory management giving major cost savings and agility,
Equipped with the capability of external integrations to SAP, JIT etc.
Stay informed with reports for inventory / inward-outward stock /Time stamp reports
Easy to read and digest dashboards for at-a-glance system overview
Wide Variety Of Configurations Can Be Managed
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