Digital Metal Detector Software
Metal Detector (MD) Software

• Secured Password Protected Access
• Dynamic Auto Generated Reports
• User Friendly Design
• Hassle Free Connection & Configuration
• And many more features

Digital Metal Detector Software


Metal Detector Software (MD)

Our Software is designed and developed with a high standard features that are capable to easily connect with the Various metal detectors that are customzied as per business needs, though our software comes with highly customizable and standard feature.

The software generates various reports & graphs/charts. Do analytics of the various aspects & operations. 


User Management
User Logs
Error Report
Audit Report
Alarm Report
Defect Data Report
Software System Logs Report


Secured Password Protected Access

Secured password protected access to the Machine which ensured secured machine operation. Role Based access to software privileges.

Dynamic Auto
Generated Reports

Various Reports like Alarm Report, Combined Report,
Summary Report, Audit Report, Software System Logs Report, User Management Report

21 CFR Settings

21 CFR Rules are a set of rules which govern or regulate the management and usage of electronic records in pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Hassle Free Connection & Configuration

Easy connection with controller device and dynamic configuration settings for flawless software operation with Machine.


Various Analytics like OEE monitoring, Production Analysis, Machine Analysis, Health Monitoring, Machine Up & Down time

User Friendly Design

User friendly design for easy software interaction. 


Service Request/Complaint Module

Service Request module for easy customer support accross the globe